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Download brochure

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Hygienic system solution

  • Hygienic design: Safeguard your product with stainless-steel surfaces, no hollow bodies, open-frame and easy-to-clean design
  • Efficiency: Get your product to the market faster with up to 160 hermetically sealed bags in up to 160 carton boxes and 23 cases per minute
  • Convenience: Reduce handling operations with optimized, attractive shelf-ready pack results
Weight: 100 – 2000 grams per bag
Bags per minute (per bagger): up to 200
Product equalization in bag: hammock belt
Carton orientation in cases: vertical
Carton collation: 4 – 12 cartons per collation
Case erector, - closer: integrated
Carton dimensions:

H:100 – 335 mm (excluding flaps, closed case)
L: 120 – 600 mm
W: 80 – 400 mm

Cartons per minute: up to 200
Case dimensions: H: 30 – 300 mm L: 200 – 600 mm
W: 80 – 400 mm (7.87 – 23.62 inches)
W: 80 – 400 mm (3.15 – 15.75 inches)
Cases per minute: up to 23
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System solution modules

Auger filler: FVS 3111

  • Minimal product waste: high filling accuracy for a wide product and volume range preventing misplacement of valuable powder
  • High-hygiene: prevent contamination with its stainless-steel execution applied to all product contact surfaces

Vertical bagger: SVC 2620

  • Hygienic design: stainless-steel open design with minimal flat surfaces and clutter-free work areas to reduce potential contamination
  • Tool-less changeovers: strengthening efficiency, operator friendliness and reducing downtime
  • ATEX zone 22 version

Cartoner: CFC 2012

  • Hygienic design: lubricant-free transport system protects products against contamination
  • Quality: gentle product handling combined with high efficiency result in intact end products every time
  • Bi-fold doors for constricted room
  • Semi-automatic changeover
  • Stainless-steel execution

    Plus many more

Case packer: Elematic 3001 WAH

  • Fast and easy changeover 
  • Enhanced accessibility for easy blanks loading and operator efficiency 
  • Extended blank magazine ensures less frequent blank loading for increased uptime 
  • Bi-fold doors for constricted room 
  • Stainless steel execution 

         Plus many more 

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