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Discover a packaging system solution that will maximize your products’ potential. This range of standardized systems is Solutions 4 Value.

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Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

3-sided - reg-slot-case.png corner-seal - reg-slot-case.png gusseted - reg-slot-case.png Block-bottom-nuts-in-Regular-Slotted-Container.png Doy-nuts-in-Regular-Slotted-Container.png Doy-Zip-in-Half-Slotted-Container.png Doy-Zip-nuts-in-Regular-Slotted-Container.png Full-corner-nuts-in-Regular-Slotted-Container.png Pillow-nuts-in-Regular-Slotted-Container.png Pillow-nuts-v2-in-Half-Slotted-Container.png pillow-three in carton in RSC.png gusseted-three in carton in HSC.png gusseted-three in carton in RSC.png pillow-three in carton in HSC.png 3-sided zip - rsc.png 3-sided zip - hsc.png Corner Seal in HSC.png Full corner in HSC.png block bottom in HSC.png Gusseted in HSC.png Doy in HSC.png 3 sided in HSC.png

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Flexible system solution

  • Flexibility: Fulfill consumer demands and react quicker with 9 bag styles and various cases in both lay-flat and stand-up orientation
  • Speed: Boost your output with up to 180 bags in 30 cases per minute
  • Maximize uptime: Streamlined design with fewer components and easy cleanability minimize downtime
Weight: 150 – 2000 grams per bag (total pick and place weight up to 5000 grams) (5.3 – 70.5 ounces per bag, a total pick and place weight up to 176.36 ounces)
Bags per minute (per bagger): up to 180
Bag orientation in cases: horizontal and vertical
Case erector, - closer: stand alone
Case dimensions: H: 125 – 450 mm (4.9 – 17.7 inches)
L: 125 – 650 mm (4.9 – 25.6 inches)
W: 125 – 450 mm (4.9 – 17.7 inches)
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System solution modules

Vertical bagger: SVE 2520 DZ

  • Fastest vertical Doy Zip bagger on the market
  • Doy Zip bags enhance shelf appeal
  • Most versatile bagger in the packaging industry
  • Labeler and printer systems
  • Dust extraction
  • Gas flushing
  • Euro/ Hole-punch device

Plus many more

Case packer: CCM 3100

  • Enhance production versatility with lay-flat or stand-up orientation across a broad range of case and package sizes
  • Meet retailer’s demands with Regular Slotted Container, Half Slotted Container or Shelf / Retail Ready Displays – all on one machine
  • Allen-Bradley controls and drives
  • Double pick end-effectors
  • Infeed with diverter plow reject
  • Case flow-through function

        Plus many more

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